Manufacturer of furniture made of recycled scaffolding wood

La Planche Brut gives a second life to scaffolding wood…
We are creators and manufacturers of ecological wooden
furniture based upon recycled scaffolding wood.

Our wood is dried after having been used on construction and
building sites. They all have a history to tell… workers have made use of
them, they’ve encountered wheelbarrows, bricks, cement, etc.

Our latest creations

kamasutra 3
sevilla 2
terrasse meurot 3
chess board
  • Resistant Timber

    Our untreated furniture can remain outdoors throughout the year without needing additional protective treatment. The wooden furniture resists the most extreme weather conditions: sun, rain, snow, etc.

  • Ecological Recycling

    La Planche Brut gives a second life to scaffolding wood . An ecological concept, fully respecting nature and protecting the planet.

  • Private and Professional

    We make furniture of European quality for private and professional customers. All the models on our site can be adjusted to your liking. Or we will make you an entirely customized plan.

Fall 2017

Corner Sofa Granada
186x186x63 cm in natural wood

With it’s cushions and table
575,00 Excl.VAT

La Planche Brut will be present at the Habitat fair of Valencia

terrace flooring
500 x 19,5 x 3 cm ( 0,975 m2 )
In budles of 80 or 120

For the most beautiful terraces,
starting at 37,00 Excl.VAT a piece
Bundles of 80 pieces 2.880,00 Excl.VAT( 36 € a piece )
Bundles 120 pieces 4.260,00 Excl.VAT( 35,5 € a piece )

Salon Bodega
With it’s cushions and Wash treatment

Complete salon for 495,00 Excl.VAT

Bar table Whisky

+ 2 Stools Bourbon in natural wood
Together for 350,00 Excl.VAT

Table London
Metal feet, table top treated with Wash
220x100xH76 cm

Galvanised feet or black,
This great table for 295,00 Excl.VAT

Bar Dunes
Created to measure your needs
in different models
and options or finishes.

Bar/Counter Dunes 180 cm
Starting at 795,00 Excl.VAT

Offers for Fall 2017, valid until the 15th of september 2017

Screw foundations

  • Screw foundations for everywhere, all terrains and constructions. no more need for concrete for foundations, screw and build !!!
  • Simply screw them and directly start building, everywhere, for all constructions, don't lose time! It's easy,fast and cost efficient, less maintenance and more ecologic !!!
  • mounting head de 200mm x 8mm thick, with 16mm screwing thread. Screws ranging from 600 to 2000mm, extensions are possible.
  • Laying Containers, Chalets, Mobile Home, Lodges, everything is possible with the screw foundations, A 800mm screw can already hold a load between 500 and 1000kg!