Our Wash

La Planche Brut: Professional work that gives wood a new life!

All the wood that we work with is carefully sanded to render it smooth and flawless without sharp edges.

Our untreated wooden furniture can remain outdoors throughout the year without additional protection.
The wood will take on a natural grey patina over time.
Neither rain, snow, sun, nor the effects of coastal sea spray, will damage your furniture.

For our furnishings we can offer you a transparent, anti-stain treatment.
Our four Wash colours have been specially formulated to provide a highly resistant protective coating, under all climatic conditions as well as easy cleaning.
And will give you years of enjoyment of your furniture.

Black Antraciet Old brown Cement Mint Grey White Non-treated

Hard Wax our new Protective Oil treatment.
A new Protective Oil treatment that provides even better protection against stains (red wine, coffee, cola, etc.) for even easier cleaning and prolonged preservation.
Only applicable on furniture treated with Wash

Reaction of water on furniture treated with Hard Wax