La Planche Brut offers cushions and mattresses for sun bathing for private customers as well as professionals.


With standard dimensions or custom-made, polyether foam and High Resilience, and Nautical foam that does not hold water. Cushions and mattresses, zip, articulated or simple, and even a more comfortable mattress is possible which is collapsible and removable. UV risistant fabric, repellent or waterproof fabric, and also a micro perforated fabric and customization by screen printing at 10 units. In the range of cushions and mattresses of very good quality almost anything is possible with La Planche Brut.
And always for great prices


Standard sunbathing cushions and mattress

Cushions for furniture 60x60x8 cm Seat and 60x40x8 cm or 60x45x8 Back very good in 8 cm thick polyether foam very soft and relaxing in a standard fabric Texsilk Softouch Amai


in 190gr/m2 light resistance 7 – 8 (on a scale of 8).


Sunbeds mattress dimensions: 130×60/70×60/8 cm or 130×65/70×65/8 cm, 130 cm for legs and 70 cm for the upper, mattress of a length of 200 cm. 8 cm thick polyether Foam of a very good quality , comfort very soft and relaxing in a standard fabric Texsilk Uni Colors


in 190gr/m2 or 250gr/m2 light resistance 7 – 8 (on a scale of 8)..

A fabric with exceptional resistance against UV.
We also have 10 or 12 cm thick foam.


The sunbed matress model DELUXE, with better finishes and a removable head or foot rest for more confort. The dimensions of this matress are 130×65/70×65/8cm, and is also available in 10 and 12 cm thick.


Our most comfortable Relax matress foam flakes which is foldable and removable.
Easy to drive to the beach, river, pool or relaxing on the terrace or in nature …. Our model Relax with a removable pillow for your head which can also be used for your feet for the ultimate relaxed feeling

And this mattress perfectly suits your sunbed.


Embroidery to personalize your cushions is also possible


Cushions and mattresses 100% outside foam DRY FEEL


If you wish to leave your cushions or mattresses out all season, choose the foam DRY FEEL. This nautical foam with open cells. The foam does not retain water like a conventional foam.

A foam for cushions and mattresses really for professional and for private beaches, restaurants, terraces and camping, we can
make you cushions and mattresses with this Nautique foam and a micro-perforated fabric for a great comfort also after heavy rain.

Cushions and mattresses for reasonable prices



The choice of your foam and fabric for your cushions and sunbathing mattresses

We offer mattress / sunbathing cushion. Our dimensions adapt to most plastics and wood structures. You have special dimensions, a desire to choose the color of your mattress among 300 outdoor fabrics, choose our customized offer. We will create your mattress.

to create your cushions and sunbathing mattresses, we can use 4 types of foams:

polyether foams in the 20 kilos of density (which is used by the private beaches). Comfort mid firm, dry, this quality is a very good quality / price for this use. High Resilience foams between 28 and 35 kilos of density according to the desired comfort. The reception of these foams is more elastic than the first quality. We also have foam flakes (polyether), for really comfortable cushions, and with several possibilities, in a separate bag from the cover. DRY FEEL foams with open cells. This quality foam does not retain water, even wet, your mattress will dry quickly.


The choice of fabric of your mattress and sunbathing cushions

For the realization of your cushions and mattresses, we offer several outdoor fabric collections (outdoor). QUALITY fabrics and Skaï, we have a great choice of over 500 outdoor fabrics and all with a warranty against fading UV. All cushions and custom mattresses at great prices


Cushion or sunbathing mattress for the ground

of course it is possible to install the sunbathing matress on the floor on a wooden slatted grating type structure to party
foam mattress DRY FEEL more open cell with cover in outdoor fabrics.
Let your mattress outside for the summer season.

With La Planche Brut almost anything is possible…

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Our different fabrics

  • silvertex
  • sunbrella_1
  • sunbrella_2

  • uni-colors-texsilk
  • softouch-amai-texsilk
  • softouch-semai-texsilk

Our different colors for covers