Wine cooler

New! Screw foundations for all lands and constructions …

For the Beach, Camping, Terrace, Buildings, Everywhere.

A great number of advantages

No need for concrete block, reusable, no need to wait for it to be dry, fast laying, taxable immediately, Very solid, huge tax possible, ideal for sloping land, no maintenance and very long life, Endless applications, and not expensive !!!
To be screwed by hand, or with an electric machine, can also be used during bad weather, can also be used in the water !!!
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Screw base from 35,- excl.TAX

Screw foundation 600 mm between 300 and 500 kg load per screw
Screw foundation 1000 mm between 1500 and 2000 kg load per screw
Screw foundation 1550 mm between 1500 and 2800 kg load per screw

Prices on demand

Beau Rêve

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beau-reve5 beau-reve4

Scaffolding tube furniture
La Planche Brut brings scaffolding tube furniture to your Restaurant, Bar, beach, etc…

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New! Beds from the serie Gandia
Bedspring included

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Barn door

Barndoor 01

Integrated open fire on gaz for coffee table, dining table, console, etc…

For a rich atmosphere on your terrace, bar, beach or even the pool .

– a glass protection.
– a wine cooler.