Custom Made

La Planche Brut for both professional and private customers!

La Planche Brut designs custom made furniture adapted to all your furnishing projects.

Are you a professional customer?

Perhaps you wish fit out your premises in a unique and ecological furnishing style that provides full indication of your commitment. Your bar or restaurant is waiting to be adorned with unusual furniture that will indicate your respect for the planet and aesthetic qualities. Give your premises a facelift, thanks to desks, chairs, storage furnishings or a customer waiting area that fully reflects your business. You’re looking for resistant, maintenance free, outdoor furnishings for your campsite? … La Planche Brut are here to listen to your needs and guide you in order that your business makes the difference!

Are you a private customer?

Perhaps you have always dreamed of having a library that fits perfectly into the interior of your home, to have a unique and creatively stylish bed, to be able to place your hi-fi or home cinema system within an item of furniture that has the same quality of its sound or images, or to be able to present your friends and family with a convivial and specifically adapted bar or dining area… La Planche Brut is here to listen to your needs and offer you a unique design project adapted to you!

With La Planche Brut almost anything is possible… Describe your project and we’ll make it come to fruit together.