About us

La Planche Brut – Original Wooden furniture


La Planche Brut gives a second life
to scaffolding wood.

We transforme the wood into attractive furniture, whilst respecting nature and protecting the environment.

Our furniture is of a robust yet modern style,
An innovative concept.

What kinds of furniture can we create?

We provide a variety of furnishing choices:

  • Outdoor furniture: sun-loungers, terrace furniture, bar furniture, beds, barbeque furniture, dining tables and benches.
  • Indoor furniture: settees, coffee tables, dining tables, beds, bookshelves, bedside tables.
  • Custom-made furniture: to meet all your desires and adapt to your home.



How is the wood transformed?

All the wood that we work with is carefully sanded to render it smooth and flawless without sharp edges. Untreated furniture can remain outdoors throughout the year without needing additional protective treatment. The wood turns grey over time. Neither rain, snow, sun, nor the effects of coastal sea spray, will damage your furniture.

The furniture can be treated with one of the available Washe colours. These have been specially formulated to provide a highly resistant protective coating under all climatic conditions as well as easy cleaning. All of these are designed to provide a high quality standard of finish and allow you years of satisfaction.


While manufacturing our furniture, we use stainless steel screws to provide greater protection against humidity (outdoor furniture only).


We also use A+ standard glue for even greater quality and minimum air pollution (particularly for indoor furnishings, as opposed to the glue normally used in chipboard furniture)

We export our products all over the world



Who is La Planche Brut ?

We are a company with a real passion for wood, along with a true desire to respect and protect nature.

Our business creates furniture for both professional as well as customers private.